Vision Function Intercooled Supercharger Kit

• 280 WHP ; 176 ft-lbs Torque
• Bar and Plate Air-to-Air Intercooler
• Custom CAD designed Intake Manifold
• CharlieX Reflashed ECU
• Fits 2004-2011 Elise and Exige

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Vision Function is proud to offer a supercharger kit for the discriminating Elise or Exige owner. A kit that offers the perfect balance of power and reliability. Custom designed from a blank sheet of paper and utilizing the best and most complete engine management system available. Our engineers were given free reign to design the kit they would want on their Lotus Elise or Exige and they delivered the kit you will want on yours.


The math is pretty simple : 2zz + MP62 Supercharger + Intercooler = More Power + More Reliability

• Peak Horsepower increased from 176 to 280 RWHP
• Peak Torque increased from 116.8 ft-lbs to 176 ft-lbs
• 50% lower intake charge temperature than non-intercooled kits
The dyno plot tells you all you need to know about performance:


Lets go over the pre-flight check list.
Head turning looks, CHECK!
Phenomenal lateral grip, CHECK!
Eye ball yanking braking, CHECK!
0-60 acceleration of a Porsche 911 Turbo, CHECK!

You want more? Lets go to the Technical section..


MP62 Supercharger

We use the venerable MP62 supercharger. Same unit as Lotus themselves uses for it's factory forced induction engines. This model supercharger provides us with exceptional performance in reasonable packaging. Our base kits is uses a 3.2 inch pulley that allows us to make 7.45 psi of boost in the intake manifold. This is more than enough boost pressure to give you an additional 100 horsepower on tap. In order to make the supercharger as efficient as possible we designed a cast supercharger inlet and outlet with SolidWorks and a fluid flow simulation program called CosmosFlowWorks. The outcome was staggering numbers which really show up on the dyno numbers and the road performance of the Supercharger kit.


Intake Manifold

The Intake Manifold also was a design from a blank Solid Works page. The 2ZZ is a high revving motor so we chose the route that would complement the engine properly. To start we knew that we would need to have short runners and a relatively large plenum. At eight thousand rounds per minute you need high air velocity! We made sure the runners were smooth as possible to reduce turbulence in the manifold and ultimately hurt performance. Despite the air being forced into the cylinders we needed evenly distributed air flow. The goals were set and engineering was done, the outcome is a one of a kind Intake Manifold developed solely for our Forced Induction 2ZZ application.



The dyno plot tells you all you need to know about performance:
What it doesn‘t tell you is how we do it and how we make this power while maintaining reliability. The secret: Cooler intake temperatures. Cooler intake temperatures mean a denser intake charge and a denser intake charge means a larger mass of air in the combustion chamber at any given boost level. More air means more horsepower (with the proper control of fuel and ignition timing, of course). Cooler intake temps have the added benefit of reducing the risk of engine damaging detonation.

During testing we saw peak Supercharger outlet temperatures of ~115 deg C being reduced to ~55 deg C under full load. That decrease in intake charge temperature equates to 17% more air in the engine and explains how we get the power we get from the kit on typically what is the same boost pressure as other non-intercooled kits."



The injectors of choice are RC Engineering 550cc Injectors. We reach a max boost of 10.2 psi at our 8500 rpm rev limit. These injectors work well with our kit allowing you to have a very smooth idle quality and superb fuel control throughout the power band.


Charlie X Custom ECU Reflash

Upon conception of our Supercharger Kit, we sought the best Engine Management Solution and now we have a great working relationship with CharlieX. Together we have spent countless hours of dialing in the Fuel Map, Ignition Map, Variable Cam Timing Map, etc. After long days and some nights of tuning the car really seemed happiest at about 13.0 afr on the small cam, then at peak torque on the large cam 12.5 afr at peak torque and 11.9 afr at Peak Power. While running it slightly richer than usual we did lose some horsepower but what we gained was reliability as a richer AFR gives you better in cylinder cooling. Simply said less heat, less stress! We use our in house Dynapack Dynometer, in the load based tuning mode. This is great R&D tool to dial the car in properly with its steady state rpm tuning and load ability. Some of the great names in the automotive industry use this dyno like NISMO, TRD and  Nascar those are just a few to start.




Who developed the tune?
The tune was joint effort using CharlieX Monkey Tuna Reflash and our
in house Research and Development Team.

How much Boost pressure does the kit run?
This kit runs a base pressure of 7.45 psi.

What is the Pulley size?
All base kits are designed to use the 3.2 inch pulley

Is there a cooling fan on the intercooler?
The kit was designed without the need to use a fan but if you choose
one can be added to the kit at an additional cost.

Can I change out the pulleys for higher octane gas?
It is highly recommended not to change the pulley without having your
vehicle tuned for the added boost pressure. A lean condition can cause
knock events and lead to piston ring damage or worse complete engine

Is there a track tune?
We will be offering a higher peformance packages that will allow the
use of a smaller pulley for added boost pressure and higher power

Who are you?
Vision Function is a sub division of TurboXS.

How many test miles have you had on your tune?
We have countless test miles on base kit as this products has been
under development for 2 years now. We have also have plans to run
the car at a few track days to shake out any problems we may run into while
developing a street car kit. Beta testers have been supplied a kit
throughout the US and Australia for street car testing as well.

Where can I get it installed?
You can have the kit installed at our Location in Hornsby, NSW. It is highly
recommended to have a qualified shop install this kit or your warranty
coverage will be denied.

Does the clam need to come off for install?
No, removing the clam is not a necessity. We would probably recommend that you don't due to the additional rattles you are bound to make trying to get it back together as well as potential roof sealing issues.

Is it just a greddy kit?
No, this is not a Greddy Kit by any means. The only comparison the
kits have is that they use a MP62 Supercharger core as well,  that's where it
ends. We do not use the same SC cone configuration nor the same bypass valve placement.

Will there be a chargecooler upgrade?
We have had great luck with our standard air to air intercooler setup thus far. This is just a start.

TXS Pty Ltd dba VisionFunction warrants and will repair or replace at our discretion any new VisionFunction manufactured product found defective due to material and/or workmanship for a period of three (3) years from purchase date. This warranty does not cover products which fail because of accident, alteration, misuse, neglect, improper installation, abuse, or when used in applications for which they were not designed or approved. Removal, installation, transportation, labor charges, damage of other components, personal damage or injury are not covered under this warranty. For warranty service, contact VisionFunction directly. Warranty for all components must be supported by proof of original purchase date.

Does the charcoal canister need to be moved?
Yes, it does need to be relocated we included a bracket to allow
secure fitment in a new location.

Is there a Drive by Wire kit?
Yes, we have a kit to suit 06 on vehicles.

Does it come with an A/F gauge?
The kit does not come with an A/F gauge but one can be added.

How much power?
See Performance Tab

What if I use different fuel?
It is very important not to use anything under 95 octane in your car. You will be
required to run the highest octane level available to you. We have
maps for 91 octane and  93 octane please be
specific where you will be driving the car so we can supply you with
the proper fuel mapping for your ECU.

What about heat soak?
Heat soak is only an issue when a car is sitting still for prolonged
periods of time. Even with that being said, the ability to have an
intercooler made from aluminum and the proper fin density this allows
you to radiate heat greatly reducing heat soak conditions. The
advantages of an intercooler becomes multiplied with the slightest bit
of air flow over the fins. Exponentially reducing the air density
being injested into the engine. More Dense Air = More Power!

Do you sell the tuned ECU separately I have a BWR kit?

Can I buy the manifolds separately?
Yes, we will have a Supercharger Intercooler Upgrade kit that will be available.

Is it the same supercharger as the Lotus S?
Yes, we use the Eaton MP62.

What are the discharge temps at sustained full boost?
On the dyno we saw a max of 110 degree Celcius pre intercooler and
55 post intercooler at redline after many successive dyno pulls.
Keep in mind that the dyno is a worst case scenario with some of the
best fans available you can get a max 80 kph wind but we can top out
5th gear doing a power pull. The dyno is a less than ideal condition.

Will it work with UK fuel?
Yes, when ordering please specify your location so we can give you the
proper mapping to go along with your Supercharger Kit.

How come I haven't heard of Vision Function?
We are a new division of TurboXS, which you may or may not have heard
of in the past. TurboXS has been around since 1999.

Will it work with my CAI?
No, the Supercharger Kit includes our own Cold Air Intake System
designed to fit around our Intercooler.

Will it work with my headers?
Yes! But, it is recommend you have your vehicle custom tuned for any additional modification beyond the base kit.

Will this kit relocate my AC?
No, we do not move or alter your AC unit to install our kit.

Does the kit come with any type of Injection System?
No, we do not include a Alchohol, Water, etc. Injection Sytems. We do
offer the ability to use one of these types of systems as an optional

Does this kit have a CARB E/O?
This kit is currently not CARB exempt. We are looking to go through
the carb exemption in the future.

How much does the Supercharger Kit weigh?
MP62 - 10.2 kg
Installation Parts & Accessories - 15.4 kg

Will I need to upgrade my clutch?
It is highly recommended that you purchase an upgraded clutch package
upon installation of this kit. We recommend the ACT Street Disk with a HD Pressure Plate.

Does this kit use a TMap after the intercooler?
No, the kit does not. It is simply not required. The use of a Mass Air
Flow Sensor gives you the best solution of metering air into your
engine as most of your fuel decisions are based upon the reading this
sensor relays back to the ecu. If inlet temperatures are high, less
air will be injested into the engine and less air flow will be read by
the Mass Air Flow sensor. If inlet temperatures are low, more air
will be injested and it will reflect in the Mass Air Flow sensor

What are the demisions of the intercooler core?
120mm thick x 200mm tall x 250mm wide

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